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Maple Carpet Cleaning In District Heights In Washington DC

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Is your carpet dirty from daily use, foot traffic, spills, dust or stains?

Don’t lay on a dirt carpet or let your baby crawl on unhealthy environment.

We deep clean carpets using safe products that will break down dirt, spills, stains & easily pick up hair/dust.

Why use our services

1- No harsh chemicals our products are 100% safe for you babies & pets

2- We wont leave behind soap residue acting as magnet to dirt

3- Dirt & stains will not return once carpet is totally dry

4- We have trained staff with years of experience to clean your carpets and upholstery right

5- With Maple Carpet Cleaning you pay one price for the cleaning, stain removal and deodorize.

6- We will clean without soaking your rugs causing mildew & mold.

So call us today & get your carpets clean without the water & harmful chemicals!!

Our work is 100% guaranteed satisfaction

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